Newborn Care

Cheryl is a compassionate certified postpartum doula and newborn care specialist, AKA (Night Nanny, Baby Nurse), offering 24 hour care.

Why would you hire Cheryl?

She has extensive training in infant care with high certification credentials.
A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is an individual trained and skilled in newborn care. They have expertise in all aspects of newborn care while providing support and guidance to the parents. They are knowledgeable in breastfeeding and formula, setting a schedule, sleep training, interpreting baby’s needs, types of diaper rashes and how to treat them, cord care, circumcision care, colic, reflux, swaddling, soothing techniques, ailments, newborn safety and complete baby basics. The will have experience with preemies, multiples and special needs babies too. If this is a new baby, we know you had some sleepless nights. Why not hire me now and take advantage of the care I give to your baby at night while you get the sleep you need. You will thank me in the morning.
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